Class: Eclipse DECT Wireless Phone

The phone looks like a beautiful sculpture you have displayed in your home until the moment it begins to ring.The phone can then be picked up to answer, separating into the wireless handset and cradle, or you can just answer using the built-in speaker phone so you never disrupt the smooth lines of your sculptured phone. The Eclipse DECT Wireless Phone is a gorgeous Oval O-Ring design with no visible wires, speakers, or keypads. If you look up inside the interior of the ring you will see the smoothly hidden keypad and the large clear display, but it takes a little effort. 

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Brainy: E Squared Coffee Cups

Are you addicted to coffee? Are you addicted to your computer keyboard?  Why not bring the two together with the very interesting design from E Squared out of Shanghai? These cute little square cups would look great on a coffee stand in computer dealerships, internet cafes, or sitting beside your coffee pot in your own home office. They make a great conversation piece showing the standard layout of a the keyboards numeric keypad, but with just a quick flip of your wrist you are ready to fill them up with coffee or tea and enjoy a break from work. The coffee cups are held in place and protected by a wood base with cutouts to keep the cups from sliding around on the tray.  This is just one more of the clever ideas which has escaped the offices of E Squared. Watch for these cups to start showing up in gift shops near you soon.

Source: Crnchy
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Touchy: Kisai Touch Screen Watches

Ready to be hip and trendy at the same time geeky?! Makes Sense!? Would you rather wear conventional watches? Well then, Take a peek at these new touch screen watches by Tokyoflash, this baby is pack with capabilities into their low-energy LCDs. This watches are available in multi colors also take a look below. Get  one now. You can grab this hottie for $199, but it is currently on a limited time offer which gives a 20% discount to all early birds.

Source: Engadget
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Astounding: Superheadz Clap Camera

Photography and Technology combine into one. A sleek and compact  camera and card reader.
The Superheadz Clap Camera ($50) is a minuscule, pocket-sized camera that shoots two-megapixel photos or 720×480 movies, which it then sotres on a MicroSD card that you can slide into its end. Remove the other end and believe it or not, you’ll find a USB connector that allows for a quick and painless offload to your computer.

Image format: JPEG Video format: AVI ■Image Resolution: 1280x1024
Video Resolution: 720x480 
■Effective Camera Resolution: 2,000,000 (2million) pixels ■Lens: F2.8=3.2mm 
■ISO:100 ■Battery: Built-in rechargeable Lithium ion battery
■Memory: MicroSD card (sold separately, supported up to 16GB)■Size: 35x70x15mm 24g 
■Interface: USB 2.0/1.1 

Source: Crnchy
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Assasin: Ninja Stealth Throwing Knive

One of the coolest thing of being a ninja is that you get to gear up with a some gears and weapons that only can be useful on the hands of a master. And among those weapon is  Throwing Knive. If your a ninja on a budget and still want the weapon that is necessary you should definitely consider these – Ninja Stealth Throwing Knive. Stashed in a black nylon case, the 3-pack throwing knives measure 6.5-inches overall, with a circle loop on each end, and a very sturdy blade convenient for any ninja.

Source: Crnchy
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Secretive: Hidden Radio and Bluetooth Speaker

The HiddenRadio & Bluetooth Speaker is based off minimal, timeless design and user intuition. When off, the Hidden Speaker ($120) hides all its functions. To turn on simple twist and lift the cap; the more you lift, the higher the volume goes – essentially the speakers appear to look like volume knobs which is really awesome. Powered by rechargeable internal batteries offering over 30 hours of play time, it uses Bluetooth for wireless streaming audio support, and also offers a built-in AM/FM radio, and a 3.5mm input for technologically challenged audio sources.

Source: Crnchy
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Amplified: Mini Skull Speaker

MinuSkull is a design object made for a high-quality sound experience at home or in the office. Its extraordinary Hi-Fi system creates a perfect sound without any distortion, even when the volume is very low. We have tested MinuSkull in different places, big places, small places. It always diffuses the perfect sound.

2 broadband Fe-83 Speakers
mini subwoofer
tailor made Mosfet amplifier

Source: Miniskull
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Legend: Nintendo SupaBoy

Super Nintendo (SNES) was by far the best gaming system to be ever invented. Video games back in the day were quite the experience. When Nintendo’s GameBoy first hit the market everyone wanted their hands on that battery guzzling brick and it was all the worthwhile, having all your favorite games on a portable device. If you are like us and miss blowing into your game cartridges and miss that retro game feel, the SupaBoy ($80) is your blast from the past. Powered by a 2.5-hour rechargeable battery, the SupaBoy lets you plug in your old SNES cartridges and play on the go using the built-in controls and 3.5-inch LCD, or connect it to your TV via the AV out and plug in two controllers for a retro gaming experience.

Source: Crnchy
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Mini Theater: Moverio Video Glasses

The MoveRio Video Glasses give you 4GB of SD Memory card storage to hold movies and video clips which can be swapped out to 32GB cards. The Android based control unit is WiFi capable which means in the future we may be able to watch YouTube, Hulu, and other movies right on the glasses. The video glasses are see through allowing you to see what is going on around you with out removing the glasses. This is the ultimate way to have privacy watching videos and movies since no one else can see the image except you.  The sound is pumped in through speakers built into the arms of the glasses.  Imagine being seated about 20 meters back from a movie screen which is 100 meters across.  Picture being immersed in a 3D movie which is jumping right into your eyes. The platform has just been opened up to developers which should provide some very interesting apps in the near future.

Source: Uncrate
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Bold: Mirror Cube

Look closely and you'll see your hidden home away from home. The Mirrorcube ($377,000) is a nearly-invisible treehouse that truly blends in with nature. Built with exterior walls made from reflective "spyglass," the pre-fab structure reflects its surroundings to become almost undetectable. (An infrared film, invisible to humans but visible to birds is placed within the glass to stop kamikazes.) Designed by Scandinavian architects Bolle Tham & Martin VidegÄrd, it's got a wood and aluminum body, and comes complete with restroom, queen-size bed, and Goonies-esque rope bridge.

Source: Fox News
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Unleashed: Motorola DROID-4

The official specifications and pictures of the upcoming Motorola Droid 4 have been unearthed by Droid Life, revealing a device very similar to the Droid Razr, with the addition of a physical QWERTY keyboard.  The device sports a 4-inch qHD screen – slightly smaller than RAZR’s 4.3-inch screen – and is powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor with 1GB of RAM.  It has an 8-megapixel camera on the back as well as a HD-capable one on the front for video chats, and it supports fast data transfer via LTE. As for the keyboard, it’s a 5-row, edge-lit, PC-like variety.  The Droid 4 is slated to hit Verizon’s stores on December 8.

Source: Droid Life
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Power Up: Universal Wrist Charger

One of the best parts of road trips is quality time playing our favorite handheld games. (This is, of course, why you insist someone else drives the vehicle.) But the problem with long road trips is that you often exhaust the battery life of your gaming system before the point on the road trip where you really, really need it. Of course, we're talking about mile 150 of 300, where the guy riding shotgun starts in on a political diatribe and the person sitting next to you begins to have intestinal upset from the food recently delivered through the driver's side window. Where's Mario now? Oh yeah, he's dead until you can find an outlet. Are we there yet?

The Wrist Charger, or as we like to call it, Bracer of Battery Life +2, straps comfortably to your wrist and plugs in to just about any electronic device you like. It'll power cell phones, mp3 players, gaming systems, or any device compatible with mini USB. Now you'll have plenty of power to get through long days traveling (or long lines at the DMV, we've been there, too!). When you reach your destination, simply plug your bracer in and charge its battery back up so you're ready with plenty of entertainment for the long trip home.

Source: Think Geek
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Sleek and Organize: Cordies

Cordies keeps all of your cables organized and weighted down: phone chargers, digital camera cords, audio cables… whatever isn’t in use but shouldn’t be flopping around.

- Five rubber grips with four slots, each of which can hold the ends of several cords
- Weighted base for stability
- Small footprint (fits even the most cluttered workspaces)
- Tight grip keeps smaller cables USB and headphone cords in line

Source: Quirky
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Illuminate: Heat Sensitive Light changing Faucet

Functional and Fun Light Show! -- An excellent visual tool for young children and the elderly, this faucet light changes color with the water temperature. -- Red lights illuminate the water stream when hot, and blue shines through the stream when cold. The red light is turned on for temperatures of 89 degrees and above. -- Works on most USA faucets and includes universal adaptors for 95% coverage. Simply unscrew old aerator and screw on the Faucet Light. -- Fun for the kid's bathroom and adds elegance to any powder room!

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Elegance and Comfort: MINI Rocketman

The MINI Rocketman Concept is over 300 mm shorter than the MINI, but its quality is anything but diminutive.
Lightweight contoured bodywork and weight-optimized 18-inch carbon wheels with aluminum trim guarantee an instantly recognizable shape. Quality rules inside too, with leather seats, special high-durability compressed paper surfaces as well as a full-colour 3D centre stage display.
It's roomy too. Double-hinged, wide-opening clam doors allow easy access to an interior containing 3 movable seats plus 1 fixed seat for short trips that can double up as a storage surface. The roof-hinged split tailgate with drawer-like boot box and through-load facility make for handy storage and uncomplicated loading/unloading.
Source: Mini 

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Evolution: Xbox Prestige

The 100% digital Xbox Prestige uses the foundations of the previous 360 Kinect to form this completely controller-less gaming console that’s even smaller than the Xbox Slim. A combination of motion sensor technology, including not one but two cameras built into the console, and integrated voice recognition make it a super responsive and hands-free gaming powerhouse.

The KinectIN feature allows the user to purchase a game and simply scan the chip to the console. Once scanned to the user’s profile, play can begin in Microsoft Xbox Cloud or from the internal 2TB hard drive.

The console has an 8-core processor for super-speed performance up to 20 times faster than previous Xbox models. It supports 3D, 4K2K, multiTV (DPConnect), live TV and webcam, as well as GPS that allows users to view the location of any other user on an active map.

Source: Yanko

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Headphone Organizer: Wrap'it

Wrap'It is a innovative new headphone organizer that attaches directly to your smartphone, mp3 player, kindle, laptop, ipad or other smoothed back electronic device or case. Wrap'It does not require any adhesives or glues that may cause damage, instead it uses a suction cup to firmly and safely attach. Wrap'It is made from a durable, yet flexible, TPE plastic. This means that it not only feels great in your hand, but it can flex to accommodate almost all brands of earbuds. Sometimes it takes a common problem to manifest into a simple solution. Wrap'It is the solution for tangled and knotted headphones. Not only will Wrap'It make you life easier it will also help extend the life of your expensive earbuds by eliminating harmful kinks and knots.

Source: Kickstarter

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Black as Night: NISSAN JUKE-R

There was more good news for fans of oddly-shaped, monstrously-engined crossover SUVs today, as Nissan unveiled official images and some sound of its oddly-shaped, monstrously-engined Juke-R. The Nissan Juke-R is a one-off (they're building two, technically), powered by a 3.8-litre twin-turbo engine pinched from the Nissan GT-R. That's 480bhp, and many, many torques.
It's also stolen the GT-R's four-wheel-drive and suspension, and Nissan has kindly flared the arches, fitted not inconsiderable air ducting and venting capacity, twin exhausts, some GT-R-spec dials and two race seats.

Source: Topgear

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Solid Light Bags by: Solid Gray

Solid Gray is the perfect way to carry and protect your personal items. The strong, but lightweight hardshell offers maximum carrying comfort and protection. Protect your valuables againts scratches and shocks. Solid Gray is lined with durable EPDM foam and features straps for your laptop/tablet. Easy access to small items and phone, safely stored in the backpack's two clever compartments. Plus, enjoy maximum storage capability for all your belongings.

Source:  Solid Gray

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Charging Station: Idapt-4

IDAPT I4 is an innovative charging solution that can charge up to 4 mobile devices simultaneously and is compatible with over 4,500 mobile electronic devices including the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Nintendo DS, PSP, GPS systems, digital cameras, and Bluetooth products. The IDAPT i4
features an interchangeable tip system making it completely customizable.  It has 3 charging points and an additional USB charging point, allowing users to charge their electronics without the mess of tangled cords or the need for more than one outlet.

Source: Idaptweb

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