Step on It: Topless Shoes

As the name suggests Topless Shoes have no upper constrictions or bindings. It’s like sinking your foot into a warm cushy hole and expecting it to ‘walk’ with you at every step. The elastic layer called ‘muscle’ parts under the foot and encloses it in a firm yet comfortable grip. Ideal for folks who find wearing shoes a huge task, and I’d sure like to give them a try.

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Wishful: Magic Pen

Recorder is this magic pen that converts your written notes into electronic files and then transfers it to your phone and computer via Bluetooth. I think it’s a great idea and can actually encourage us writers to take to the book and pen more often. I bet authors and illustrators will love it too! My only wish – it auto spellchecks the files.

Source: Yanko
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Standing Tall: Kickster

Kickster is a fifth-generation iPod nano case with an integrated swivel kickstand, which allows you to position your nano vertically or horizontally.

- Hard plastic exterior.
- Full body and depressed screen protection so your screen can avoid surfaces and scratches.
- Integrated shock-absorbent silicone pad and cord wrap.
- Cut-outs for access to ports, buttons, microphone, and camera.
- Two-piece design clip makes for easy loading/unloading.
- Kickstand also functions as a hand-steadying grip for shooting video.

Source: Quirky
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Class: Eclipse DECT Wireless Phone

The phone looks like a beautiful sculpture you have displayed in your home until the moment it begins to ring.The phone can then be picked up to answer, separating into the wireless handset and cradle, or you can just answer using the built-in speaker phone so you never disrupt the smooth lines of your sculptured phone. The Eclipse DECT Wireless Phone is a gorgeous Oval O-Ring design with no visible wires, speakers, or keypads. If you look up inside the interior of the ring you will see the smoothly hidden keypad and the large clear display, but it takes a little effort. 

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Brainy: E Squared Coffee Cups

Are you addicted to coffee? Are you addicted to your computer keyboard?  Why not bring the two together with the very interesting design from E Squared out of Shanghai? These cute little square cups would look great on a coffee stand in computer dealerships, internet cafes, or sitting beside your coffee pot in your own home office. They make a great conversation piece showing the standard layout of a the keyboards numeric keypad, but with just a quick flip of your wrist you are ready to fill them up with coffee or tea and enjoy a break from work. The coffee cups are held in place and protected by a wood base with cutouts to keep the cups from sliding around on the tray.  This is just one more of the clever ideas which has escaped the offices of E Squared. Watch for these cups to start showing up in gift shops near you soon.

Source: Crnchy
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